We are a professional firm to assist Professionals, Families & Individuals to Migrate to Hong Kong and Overseas

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    Professional Consultancy for
    Global Immigration

    - Listen to your needs
    - Find the best migration solution to you
    - Ensure you will get the local support
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    Free Preliminary

    - Talk to our consultants
    - Provide you every possible option of your choice
    - It is free
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    Incorporation Service

    - Provide you the best solution to do business in Hong Kong
    - Update you for the latest compliances
    - Offer ongoing support so that you can focus on your business

Why Prism?

Advantages of Using Prism

Prism was founded by our Director who has almost two decades of experiences in serving expatriates for their relocation tasks, specifying in visa and immigration. Prior to the establishment of Prism, our founder had already started her own immigration service business which was then sold to a USA relocation company a year later and became their Asia headquarter. After serving with the Asia headquarter for two years, our founder established a new brand of Prism to continually severing our customers.

Prism is one of the leading immigration service providers in Hong Kong. We handle more than 1,000 applications in different kinds each year. We cooperate with overseas relocation companies and overseas immigration law firms to serve as their hub to provide Hong Kong immigration services to their clients who will relocate to Hong Kong. We have partnered with them to participate in several global immigration service bids.

We serve both individual and corporate clients with different nationalities and different situations. It enriches our experiences and knowledge to handle various unusual Immigration situations.

Bringing exceptional client service and satisfaction is not an easy task in today’s complex and demanding environment, but at Prism, every member of our team are working hard to listen the clients’ needs and to find the best solution to fulfill their needs. We are not only giving the best solution to clients, but are also doing an extra mile for our clients. We highlight below areas that differentiate Prism from other firms in serving you.

When you need us, we are here

We provide a 24-hour hotline and different channels of communication to ensure you can reach us anytime and anywhere e.g. email, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, QQ, etc. When you or your expatriate staffs have some urgency immigration issues, just call us no matter the time difference. Our experienced staffs are always be there to find the solutions for you. We will never hang up the phone without providing you a solution.

Strong commitment to responsive and proactive communication

We ensure your emails and other means of communication will be answered within the same day and we proactively keep you updated on the status of each application.

We do an extra mile for you by providing with you an extra value-added service

Prism fully understand the needs of expatriates. We not only care to get our duties done perfectly, but also care other needs of expatriates to first settle in Hong Kong.

Best performing team led by our Director and a single point-of-contact approach

Our Director will serve as Lead Engagement Director to ensure Prism is fully meeting and beyond your expectations and allocate right resources to provide seamless services to you and your company. The Lead Immigration Consultant, will be the single point of contact for you to provide you with ongoing and proactive daily communication and to facilitate consistent high quality integrated services.

Simple structure with no delay on visa applications

Prism is a small but professional Immigration service firm. We take a benefit of our small to give flexibility to handle urgent applications with no delay. We can easily arrange our resources around to deal with urgent issues without going through a complicated company approval procedure. We guarantee visa application will be submitted to Immigration within 24 hours upon all necessary documents are collected.

Approval Guarantee

We guarantee you a full refund if your application is not successful. We are very proud of what is to date a 100% success rate.

Competitive Price

We provide a quality and comprehensive service for less. Our efficient company structure allows us to save on operating costs hence you pay less. There are no hidden fees and all fees are agreed in advance upon signing the letter of engagement.

Faster Processing

We save you time by advising on relevant application criteria. Through our clear presentation of facts, the processing time will be shorter and you will not be required to have an interview with the Immigration Department.

Fast and Reliable Communication

We ensure your emails and calls and all correspondence with us are answered within 24 hours.

Free Consultation

In our free preliminary consultation we are able to gauge the likely success of your visa application, to outline potential hazards and to advise you on the best strategy for a successful outcome.

Long Term Relationship

Our relationship doesn't end with your visa approval. We remain available to help you with future enquiries and to offer assistance on matters relating to visas and immigration in Hong Kong.

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Prism Hong Kong Immigration Experts

Prism Hong Kong Immigration Experts

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Client References

Chris and Bonnie at Prism have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They clearly explained the application process, assisted in drafting necessary documents and were always available to address any questions or concerns. We couldn't have asked for better consultants.

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Cinar, Karazona

Director, Organic Modernism Limited